Where We Donate

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul has many locations all over the valley. They feed hundreds of families in need every single day with the largest commercial kitchen on the West Coast. Proceeds from their thrift store goes toward one of their many programs such such as their kitchen or the Women and Children Disaster Relief.

SVDP also takes is bikes in any condition! They have a program where they will fix up bikes.

new life center

New Life Center targets to help women who suffered from domestic violence. When you donate items to the New Life Center it will go toward their housing, or the proceeds from the thrift shop will go toward helping those seeking refuge from domestic violence. Some of the most in demand products they need are women’s toiletries.

umom new day center

UMOM helps the local community with multiple housing locations. They seek items to provide to their residents such as dressers, kitchen tables, Beds, toiletries etc. When you donate furniture to UMOM it goes directly to one of their residents! They have an amazing program where they will train residents for the workforce and those who go through training are guaranteed an interview at Starbucks upon completion.

Furnishing Dignity

The mission of Furnishing Dignity is to transform lives through community, compassion and essential home furnishings.

Since 2014, Furnishing Dignity has filled the gap between helping homeless individuals and families, and foster youth aging from the system, transition from temporary shelter to a new home with new and gently used furniture and household items, including new beds.

The “Dignity” approach is to address basic, fundamental human needs through the provision of furniture and creating a home environment of safety, security, and comfort. This allows individuals and families to concentrate on other pressing issues like securing or maintaining employment, addressing health issues, and enrolling children in school or daycare. As a result, Furnishing Dignity’s program decreases stress on communities, social welfare and healthcare systems.