Junk Removal FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions:

What are your prices like?

We charge based on volume. Since we prorate within the truck you will only pay for what you have. So if you only fill ¼ of the truck, then you will only pay for that much!

Why box trucks?

The junk removal industry uses a standard 10 foot open bed truck. By using a 26 foot moving truck we are able to have extremely competitive pricing. Donation is also very important to us so our trucks are equipped for moving so that we do not damage items on the way to donate.

Where do the items go?

M3 stands for our 3-step process: We have multiple charities in the area that we work with such as St. Vincent de Paul, UMOM, and Habitat for Humanity where we will take items in better condition. The rest goes to recycle and disposal.

What items do you accept?

As long as the items can be picked up by our mover athletes and don’t fall into one of the categories below, we will haul it away.

What items do you not accept?

The only items we are unable to take are any hazmat chemicals, earth (dirt and rocks), propane, concrete, bricks.

What is the difference your service and a donation pickup?

We are insured to come inside of your house so that you do not have to haul the items to the curb. We will also take all items despite if they are for donation or disposal. Our lead time tends to be a bit quicker than a charity pickup as well in case you are in a hurry.

How do I pay?

After we have completed the job we will accept any major credit card (except for AMEX)

Do you also do moving?

M3 Junk Removal is a division of Muscular Moving Men. If we can’t accommodate you, we have a separate team that is able to get your moving needs squared away!

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