About Us

We Overhauled The Junk Removal Industry

This industry is dominated by open bed box trucks equipped for… well, taking JUNK. We realized that a lot of our pickups were for getting rid of items that still have a useful life and can be given back to the community.

  • Due to demand, the junk hauling industry quickly became a viable option for people looking to donate items, but there’s a MAJOR PROBLEM… these are DUMP trucks being used to transport furniture. These trucks were not made for keeping items safe in transit, this will cause damages that result in making items not fit for donation.  
  • Due to such high demand and opportunity to give back to the community, we REVERSE ENGINEERED THE JUNK REMOVAL INDUSTRY. By using 26 foot moving trucks, we are equipped to keep items safe in transit to a charity.  

We are better equipped for donations, but we are also better equipped for junk too. 

  • One of the biggest inefficiencies in the day of a junk hauler is having to make all kinds of stops to charities, recycling centers, and finally the transfer stations and landfills. When using a small truck, the number of times you have to visit these places increases. So what ends up happening? Some of those steps need to be eliminated in the interest of time and since charities don’t accept junk… you guessed it, it goes straight to the landfill. 
  • With our large trucks, we decrease the number of times we have to make these trips which leaves us with more time to make sure we can make it to a charity, or recycling center to properly dispose of items to the right place. 

Why we do junk hauling the way we do. 

  • This industry is not only an opportunity. IT IS A RESPONSIBILITY.
  • After spending one day on a truck with us, anyone could see that there is a huge opportunity to give back to those in need. So we threw away the traditional structure using junk trucks and WE MADE A NEW ONE.

Our mover athletes are first trained as movers on how to protect items, and remove them safely from your home. After they have mastered the art of moving, then we train them on junk removal. If we are going to be donating furniture, our mover athletes need to know how to safely extract furniture and other items.