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Who We Are.

M3 Junk Removal started as a branch of the area’s fastest-growing moving company. Obsessed with customer experience and dedicated to industry-leading levels of employee training, retention, and satisfaction, we offer a unique approach to junk removal.

About Us

No More Junk Trucks.

Our 26-Foot Box Trucks Save You Money.

The current industry standard for junk removal is a 10-foot open bed truck. While this may be the easy way of doing things, it causes some problems. We set out to solve these problems with our sizeable 26-foot box trucks. By using box trucks, we can transport furniture without damaging it, which ensures that we don’t hurt our chances of donating items by damaging them on the way to a charity. Using trucks 4x the industry standard means fewer trips to the dump, charities, and recycling centers. Higher efficiency allows us to provide a premium service at competitive rates. Since our trucks are so large, we tailored a system where you only pay for the space you use in the truck, and the donation is made for no extra cost!

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Experienced
  • More Donation
  • Reliable Pickup Times
    and Coordination

Who We Are

About the Team.

Our Mover-Athletes are the Best in the Business.

  • Movers, estimators, and drivers certified by the
    American Moving and Storage Association.
  • Team adheres to a strict code of conduct for
    communication and security.
  • Local, friendly, and invested in your

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